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Ep#6 - The Shady MSM Saudi Arabia Narrative, Oleg Deripaska US Assets Seized, and Soros Funded Stalker Arrested.

October 18, 2018

October 18, 2018:  In this episode, I discuss the escalating violence of the far-left, including a Soros-funded, David Brock employed attacker who was stalking Devin Nunez and how this stalker was just arrested for battery against a GOP operative.  SMH!  I also discuss the curious case of Jamal Khashoggi, Saudi Arabia and US Intelligence connections, and the MSM narrative about all of this.  I close out the show, by discussing the Russian Oligarch - Oleg Deripaska, his importance in the Trump Russia cartoon show, and also how his US Assets were just seized by the DOJ/Treasury Depts.

Show Notes:

Dem operative for Soros-funded group arrested for 'battery' against Nevada GOP candidate's campaign manager | Fox News
Devin Nunes on Twitter: "Anyone know this dude? Kept chasing me around the Capitol with a camera phone today...please RT… "
Saudi Arabia transfers $100 million to U.S. on day of Pompeo visit to discuss missing journalist - Chicago Tribune
Trump and Pompeo defend Saudi rulers as White House strategy shifts in Khashoggi case - Los Angeles Times
Jamal Khashoggi: Where The Road to Damascus & The Path to 9/11 Converge | Zero Hedge 
What the media aren’t telling you about Jamal Khashoggi | Spectator USA
Ramifications of Oleg Deripaska and Contact By FBI in September 2016… | The Last Refuge
Giddy Up! President Trump Tweets: Oleg’s Story – Yes, The Russians Were Involved In The 2016 Election… | The Last Refuge
Trail Covering: As Predicted U.S. DOJ and Treasury Turn on Oleg Deripaska… | The Last Refuge
US seize Russian oligarch Deripaska's $42.5million New York mansion as he's sanctioned for bribery | Daily Mail Online
Mueller may have a conflict — and it leads directly to a Russian oligarch | TheHill
Tom Cotton questioning Christopher Wray - YouTube

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